Monday, November 2, 2009


My aim for this model was to explore, materiality and facade detail and how they relate to structure.
In terms of Materiality I choose a timber frame with timber cladding and timber internal finishes. My inspiration for this was Aaltos' Villa Kokkonen, a house for a Musician. Timber has a nice resonance which makes it ideal for music playing, however the Music room had to be structurally separate due to timbers poor sound insulation. I want to use this property in order to enhance an acoustic experience of the river. Visually I was trying to set up views to the water and trees and trying to block views to the built aspects of the site such as the M50 Bridge . Through level changes and a series of windows at different heights.
Having completed the model I feel I now need to work on how the new and existing buildings meet in terms of threshold and junction.

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