Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hey D dawg this was on archdaily it was shortlisted for the piranesi awards and kind bridges the landscape!! Aloni House in Antiparos / deca ARCHITECTURE

Final Reviews 26 & 27 November

Units 1 & 3 - Memorial Hall
It is a requirement to pin up in advance for each half-day session
Please ensure that you have finished pinning up before the start of each session. This means starting to pin up at least half an hour before the start of each session. 
In fairness to others Latecomers will not be accepted.  
Class reps  to delegate a few students to put the site model in the relevant review rooms together with selection of survey drawings, to explain sites to visiting critics.

Suggested presentation material:
1:500 site plan and site section
1:500 model in context
1:200 plans, sections, elevations
1:200 model
1:200 axonometric of structure/circulation
1:50 part plan/part-section/part-elevation / 3-D study
1:20 construction model
Technology assignments: 1:20 key section + 2 details, structural axonometric
Sketches, diagrams and other supporting material as appropriate
Studies of landscape
50 Words’

Critics will include:
Stephen Bates, Gary Boyd, Michale McGarry, Siobhan Ni Eanaigh, Brian Ward, Michael Pike, Emmett Scanlon


Thursday 26th November 

Darran Brennan
Aiden Carty
Thomas Conlon
Keith Walsh
Adrian Wong

Michael Corcoran
Alan Coughlan
Lloyd Helen
Shane Sugrue
Fiona Shiels

Elizabeth Bourke
Caitriona O’Connor
Niamh Gilmore
Orla Monaghan

Christina Devereaux
Greg Jackson
Mary Smith
Sandra Plantos
Dawn Parke

Friday 27th November

Muireann Egan
Denis Forrest
Kate Cregan
Barbara McShane
Damian Milton

William Spratt-Murphy
Tara Kennedy
Kevin McGonigle
Conor McGowan
Jennifer McLoughlin

Sam O’Brien
Cathal Monaghan
William Hutch
Daen Kelly
Amy Bulman

Ultan O’Conchubhair
Ekaterina Tikhoniouk
Nicola Eason
Elaine Fanning
Liam Farrelly

Helena McCarthy
Ciana March
Amy Widdis
Stanislav Kravets
Jo Anne Butler

Clive Hennessy
Aisling Donnelly
Edwin Jebb
Beibhinn Delaney
Bronagh Doyle

Neil Keogh
Stephen Laverty
Donal Groarke
Sarah Halpenny
Donn Holohan

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reviews 26 & 27 November

This week, we will be working towards the final reviews next week.
The timetables for these will be posted next week.

The requirements are as follows:
1:500 site plan 
1:500 site section
1:500 model to fit on site model, or within own context
1:200 plans
1:200 sections
1:200 elevations
1:50 part section/elevation
1:200 model
3 dimensional studies
50 words, revised if necessary

Plan out your presentation this week, and start work on it!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This recently won the World Building of the Year Award, I think the section is especially relevent to Greg.

Mapungubwe Interpretation Center

Culture  South Africa  Peter Rich Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa  2009  World Architecture Festival 2009 - World Building of the Year

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review Friday 13 November

Unit 1 & 4 Crossover Review
Lower Review Space
Group one is to hang up at 9.30
All subsequent groups are to be ready with their presentations for quick change-overs between groups.

Darran Brennan
Aiden Carty
Thomas Conlon
Alexis Anderson
Suzanne Betts
Rebecca Carroll
Patrick Conway

Michael Corcoran
Alan Coughlan
Kate Cregan
Christina Devereaux
Donal Crowe
Sarah Doheny
Mark Doherty

Aisling Donnelly
Nicola Eason
Muireann Egan
Jude Duffy
Aprar Elawad
Ellen Fitzgerald
Thomas Fletcher

LUNCH 1-1.30

1.30pm -2.30pm
Denis Forrest
Lloyd Helen
Clive Hennessy
Greg Jackson
Nicole Hardy
David McMillan
Andrew Howell

Edwin Jebb
Tara Kennedy
Neil Keogh
Orla Monaghan
Kathleen Kelly
David Kennedy
Shirley Kenny
Jill L’Estrange

Stephen Laverty
Helena McCarthy
Ciana March
Cathal Monaghan
Brona Waldron
Sean Lynch
Caitriona McGilp

Sam O’Brien
Ultan O’Conchubhair
William Spratt-Murphy
Ekaterina Tikhoniouk
Amy Widdis
Caoimhe Merrick
Robert Reid
Jennifer Martin
Rebecca Wallace
Fiona Harte

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday 11 Nov

This afternoon, work will continue in the studio towards Friday's review.
There will be short group discussions with the engineer at the following times - these have been divided into groups based on the uploads of the 1:20 model & the development of the project since. If you think your project is in the wrong group, let me know.

2.30 - Roof - span, glulam, gridshell etc.
Greg, Clive, Lloyd, Katia, Ultan, Edwin

3.30 - Load Bearing Walls - rammed earth, brick, concrete plus lighter structure.
Nicola, Muireann, Helena, Cathal, Aisling, Kate

4.30 - Frame - Steel & Timber
Sam, Christina, Stephen, Tara, Neil, Ciana, Alan

here's a primer for the discussions...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Review Friday 13 November

We will have a cross-over review on Friday from 9.30 onwards with Unit 4 in the lower review space.
Requirements are as follows: 
1:500 site plan.
1:200 plan and sections
1:20/1:50 section
Interior/Exterior elevations
1:500 scheme outline
1:200 of communal spaces and their relationship to site
Interior/Exterior rendered perspective 
(sketch or hardline, you could combine this with the 1:50 section above to make a sectional perspective)
Axonometric describing how your building sits in the landscape.
Rendered sketches describing how your building sits in the landscape, (axonometrics work well as underlays for this), how one approaches your building from the landscape, how one moves through your building and how the landscape is experienced through your building.

Here are some of the references that cropped up at last Friday's review.

 3xn - Orestad College

(photography by Helene Binet)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1:20 Sectional Model + Description of Structure

Springtecture H, Japan [Shuhei Endo]

I know you've probably moved well on from your 'wood shaving' concept Greg, but when I saw this I felt I should throw it up on the blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1:20 model

I took my 1:20 section through the corner of the building to look at the different facade conditions and how they related to each other. The structure comprises of radial, two storey rammed earth walls with timber boxes slotted between them to create rooms. The main facade treatment is a perforated plywood screen which sits in front of windows, plain plywood clad walls or an open timber frame depending on the condition of the internal space. These screens open out to create private terraces for the bedrooms and access to the garden from public spaces.

1:20 model

In this Model I wanted to explore my construction and façade with a focus on the repetition of structure, and how a modular façade could work within this framework. The façade must address differing conditions on site, privacy, openness, lightness, shade and must do so whilst maintaining a visibly coherant architectural language.

The model shows the regular timber structure, and two types of infill wall type, the open large glazed panel, and the private shuttered and clad wall above.

The building material is timber, and there is a mirroring of the surrounding trees on the site, with slender vertical elements.


In between all the work described below, you may want to attend some of these...

RIAI lunchtime talks - 1.10-1.45, RIAI, Merrion Square.
Wed 4th - Clancy Moore Architects
Thurs 5th - O' Donnell & Tuomey Architects

Fri 6th - de Blacam & Meagher Architects

AAI lectures - Thursday evenings:
Thurs 5th, 7.30pm Aurelio Galfetti, Thomas Burke Theatre.
Thurs 12th, 6.30pm - Grafton Architects, National Gallery of Ireland

UCD lunchtime lectures - Fridays @ 1.30pm
Fri 6th : Aurelio Galfetti
Fri 20th: Mark Dyer of Trinity Haus


This week we will work towards the cross-over review next Friday 13th November.

Friday 6th Nov, 9.30am
We will hold group reviews throughout the day, starting at 9.30. For this, you will need drafts of some of the drawings that you are preparing for next week's cross-over review, ie:

1:500 Site Plan & Section
1:500/1:200 Model
1:200 building plans and sections
1:50 section
Sketches & Images: Interior and exterior views, sketches, perspectives, axonometrics.

If you are looking for inspiration for drawings, have a look at Richviewer, James Rossa's blog for Representation at Richview -  a lot of the material from his lecture is on this. There are also links to tutorials etc for computer programs and drawing systems.

Also, have a look at the drawings  Bratke made that Michael Pike spoke about in his lecture. 

Meantime, here are some references that cropped up at Monday's desk tutorials.

Peter and Mary Doyle - Birr Community School, Offaly. 1980.
Use of an economic method of construction  - repeated elements, interspersed with courtyards, bringing light deep into the building.

photos by Ros Kavanagh

(photographs by Ros Kavanagh)

Taliesen West, Scottsdale Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright
(photographs by Pedro Guerrero)

Marlowe Academy -  BDP Architects, Ramsgate Kent 2006.
A timber gridshell structure especially for Greg!