Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This model gave me the opportunity of studying the structure of my design. My concept of the design is using glulam beams from the back wall which curve over the building to support the roof. The glulam beams, on the other side of the building, are supported by posts, allowing the facade to be glass. This gives a direct relationship with the landscape and the river which flows along the front of the building. Whereas a blocked off view towards the road and public is formed on the other. The glulam beams change in height throughout the building, creating different height spaces for more public and intimate areas. The glulam beams allow independent floors to be formed underneath, which are supported by posts. The design for the roof comes from my concept of echoing the flowing water. This is done by using a metallic surface which is made up of different angles which will catch sunlight at different angles, similar to when water is flowing and the ripples catch sunlight. Furthermore, the geometry of the roof allow roof lights to be formed to bring light into the back of the building. The angles are biased towards the back of the building so rain water will flow off.

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