Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review Friday 13 November

Unit 1 & 4 Crossover Review
Lower Review Space
Group one is to hang up at 9.30
All subsequent groups are to be ready with their presentations for quick change-overs between groups.

Darran Brennan
Aiden Carty
Thomas Conlon
Alexis Anderson
Suzanne Betts
Rebecca Carroll
Patrick Conway

Michael Corcoran
Alan Coughlan
Kate Cregan
Christina Devereaux
Donal Crowe
Sarah Doheny
Mark Doherty

Aisling Donnelly
Nicola Eason
Muireann Egan
Jude Duffy
Aprar Elawad
Ellen Fitzgerald
Thomas Fletcher

LUNCH 1-1.30

1.30pm -2.30pm
Denis Forrest
Lloyd Helen
Clive Hennessy
Greg Jackson
Nicole Hardy
David McMillan
Andrew Howell

Edwin Jebb
Tara Kennedy
Neil Keogh
Orla Monaghan
Kathleen Kelly
David Kennedy
Shirley Kenny
Jill L’Estrange

Stephen Laverty
Helena McCarthy
Ciana March
Cathal Monaghan
Brona Waldron
Sean Lynch
Caitriona McGilp

Sam O’Brien
Ultan O’Conchubhair
William Spratt-Murphy
Ekaterina Tikhoniouk
Amy Widdis
Caoimhe Merrick
Robert Reid
Jennifer Martin
Rebecca Wallace
Fiona Harte

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