Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday 11 Nov

This afternoon, work will continue in the studio towards Friday's review.
There will be short group discussions with the engineer at the following times - these have been divided into groups based on the uploads of the 1:20 model & the development of the project since. If you think your project is in the wrong group, let me know.

2.30 - Roof - span, glulam, gridshell etc.
Greg, Clive, Lloyd, Katia, Ultan, Edwin

3.30 - Load Bearing Walls - rammed earth, brick, concrete plus lighter structure.
Nicola, Muireann, Helena, Cathal, Aisling, Kate

4.30 - Frame - Steel & Timber
Sam, Christina, Stephen, Tara, Neil, Ciana, Alan

here's a primer for the discussions...


  1. That video is fantastic.

    "Feasible lateral and win this bitch!"

  2. yes, it's a good motto isnt it....