Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My design consists of separate living and sleeping spaces and for this model I focused on the sleeping area, making a sectional model that cuts through the central passageway, an adjoining bedroom and an external courtyard (as indicated in the plan). I made this model at a scale of 1:10 so as to explore the quality of the spaces created by the type and location of the materials I chose. Using Alvar Aalto's Town Hall at Saynatsalo as a precedent, I decided to use exposed brick wall in both internal and external spaces as well as a guide along the main passageway, to create the illusion of a unified indoor and outdoor experience within the entire space.
  1. Plan of Sleeping Area, box indicates section represented in the model.
  2. Material quality of internal space (a bedroom with polished concrete walls).
  3. Detail of exposed brick wall showing the varied textures required for design concept.
  4. Photograph of model showing passageway, internal space (bedroom) and external courtyard (with figure). 

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