Wednesday, October 21, 2009

References from Studio desk tutorials today

Rolex Learning Centre by SANAA - read the account of the structural problems they had in the first link - they wanted the roof to float, and for the load bearing structure to be 'invisible' the engineer came up with an ingenious solution involving dome construction...which allows the roof to 'float' and the spaces underneath to open up....which has similarities with

The Brazilian Pavilion for Expo '70 in Tokyo by Paulo Mendes da Rocha...another 'floating' concrete roof... then moving on to timber cladding with...

Wohnhaus Willimann Lotscher by Bearth & dePlazes - timber with zinc roofing...and maybe also

Wohnhaus Ritter-Gey also by Bearth & dePlazes...boardmarked charcoal concrete (for muireann)

and then more for the timber-structure people......

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  1. The cowshed is so beautiful internally but that picture of it at a distance is hideous.