Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review Friday 16 October

Location: Upper Review Space 9.00-1.15

Time: 9.00-1.15

Brief: Working towards the more specific project designated for next week, this review is to allow you to further expand & develop your project.
An attempt of each requirement must be made and assembled into a presentation as outlined below.

Requirements: The below are to be assembled into a coherent presentation. 
North points, scales and names of drawings must be clearly annotated.
- A1 1:500 site plan 
(Section of site used fitting onto A1 at 1:500 annotated with overall key site plan at smaller scale indicating building location will suffice)
- 1:200 Plans 
- 1:200 Sections 
(Section lines must be clearly annotated on plans. If time is tight, one key section will suffice. The section chosen should show the most important aspects of your building and its relationship to the landscape)
-1:500 Sketch Model
(This must be designed to fit on site model, and a number of sketch models may be presented)
3d sketches and images of proposal
(On any medium. Try to choose and make images that place the observer in the space you are designing. They should aim to give a sense of what it is like to inhabit your building)
- 50 word/sketch/image 
(Printed onto A4 paper, and presented as part of your presentation)

good luck! see you on Friday

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