Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sectional Perspective through building
1:20 model photo's

I used this model as an opportunity to explore the facade and the relationship between outside and inside.
My initial idea was to have a translucent facade to create an ambiguity between outside and inside through shadows and reflections.
Suspended fabric ceilings diffuse the artificial light so that it feels like the diffuse natural light passing through the translucent facade.
The structure is a steel frame on a 7m by 7m grid with steel trays forming a permanent formwork for the in-situ concrete slabs.
The facade is made of self supporting interlocking u-section glass with transparent insulation between so the glass wrapping insulates the building.
This glass facade sits away from the steel structure rather than sitting between the slabs.
Finally the ground floor has a loggia which may or may not have columns, if not the first floor slab will become a transfer slab for the upper structure.

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